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Who am I?

Gökhan Çetinyürür

My name is Gökhan Çetinyürür, and I came into this world on a scorching day in July, according to the tales my parents tell. That description of the day I was born seems to align with the story. The photo on the left (or above, in case you are reading this page via a mobile phone) is what I look like.

My journey with the English language began at a tender age, thanks to the companionship of computers and video game consoles. This early exposure paved the way for my remarkable success in English classes throughout primary school. Fuelled by my passion, I made the decision to pursue my education in a foreign language-focused high school. After proudly graduating from Istanbul Yenibosna Foreign Language-Focused High School's English Department, I embarked on an adventure at Istanbul University, where I delved into the depths of American Culture and Literature.

Following a seven-year voyage in the private sector, I ventured into the world of online teaching, specializing in English conversation practice. In my classes, I strive to address one of the greatest challenges of foreign language learning: the fear of speaking. To tackle this obstacle, I adhere to a simple rule in our conversation sessions—we refrain from our native languages (even in our off-class correspondence). Through this approach, we pave the way for enhanced speaking skills and provide a safe space for students to shed their inhibitions.

So, join me on this linguistic expedition, and let's conquer the realm of spoken English together!

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