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Yes, rightfully so, you are asking this question as well. Among the available alternatives (instructors whose native language is English, courses promising miracles in just 3 months, courses that place you in overcrowded classrooms at very low prices), why should you choose LUSE? Allow me to explain to the best of my ability below.

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LUSE is realistic.

Unrealistic promises and hopeful pledges always sound appealing to all of us, but they often result in disappointment. LUSE will provide you with a straightforward account of what you need to do to speak English, the challenges you may encounter, and what to expect. It will present everything to you as it is, without exaggeration or omission.

LUSE is experienced.

LUSE (which, of course, refers to Gökhan Çetinyürür himself, as he is both the founder and the sole instructor of LUSE) has experienced the approach of non-native English speakers towards the language through his international connections and the numerous students he has worked with.

LUSE is understanding.

Speaking in a foreign language entails making mistakes, and it is the duty of the instructor, by virtue of their profession, to patiently explain these mistakes no matter how many the participants make. LUSE is a platform where you can comfortably learn by making mistakes.

LUSE is curious.

Those who wish to practice English conversation can belong to various professional backgrounds and have interests in different topics. In this context, the instructor needs to be able to converse in many subjects, even if not at an expert level. The LUSE instructor, Gökhan Çetinyürür, is curious and strives to improve himself in many areas.

LUSE is accesable.

You can reach out to LUSE not only for lessons but also through email or Instagram.

LUSE follows.

No, not like a stalker. Since you will be working with a single instructor at LUSE, your progress will be monitored, and you won't have to start from scratch in each lesson.

Anything you got to ask?

Contact for more information. LUSE is helpful.

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