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Learn English Online
with LUSE: Professional English Language Coaching Services

LUSE English is the perfect place for non-native English speakers to gain the confidence to speak English freely about any topic, with the help of a professional coach. Our online English speaking courses provide a comprehensive language learning program that quickly develops your English fluency.

LUSE English
Genel Bilgi

All sessions are online. LUSE offers dynamic and engaging sessions that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All sessions are conducted online so you can join us from your home, office, or any other location with an internet connection. You can access the sessions from any device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can get an AI-based summary of all sessions, as well as video records. *

Here's how it works:


Observe the tutor: Pay attention to the sentences he repeats and focus on the words and expressions he chooses while speaking.


Take the new words and expressions you hear and include them in your notes, and examine them whenever you have time. Don't rush: The learning process will progress organically.


You are in the right place to make mistakes: By practicing speaking English, you will overcome your hesitation and start speaking more comfortably and accurately.

Join Programs

Reinforce your progress with programs designed for Grammar and Speaking.

*Depending on the Plan.

What's Included?

Maximize your education with LUSE services

Practice speaking English via private sessions

Use grammar programs to reinforce your learning

Gain points with different activities to earn discounts

Welcome Plan



Try LUSE with this 2-session pack without a long commitment.


For Newcomers

"The most important point in our lessons with Gökhan is that we only use English in our conversations. By not speaking any other language at all, I can prepare myself more comfortably for meetings with my foreign clients."


Foreign Trade


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